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Table 2 The proportion of responses (%) in each category of the 4-point rating scale for each HLS-Q12 item

From: Explaining variance in health literacy among people with type 2 diabetes: the association between health literacy and health behaviour and empowerment

Item no.LabelVery difficultDifficultEasyVery easy
 On a scale from very difficult to very easy, how easy would you say it is to:    
2find information on treatments of illnesses that concern you?2256410
7understand what to do in a medical emergency?338535
10judge the advantages and disadvantages of different treatment options?656353
14follow the instructions on medication?2107216
18find information on how to manage mental health problems like stress or depression?755336
23understand why you need health screenings?036828
28judge if the information on health risks in the media is reliable?760304
30decide how you can protect yourself from illness based on advice from family and friends?752374
32find information on healthy activities, such as exercise, healthy food and nutrition?2137016
38understand information on food packaging?1043407
43judge which everyday behaviour is related to your health?1137016
44make decisions to improve your health?2355111
average 4 (49/12)34 (403/12)52 (623/12)11 (126/12)
  1. The item number corresponds to the specific item number in the European Health Literacy Survey Questionnaire (HLS-EU-Q47)