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Table 2 Reported numbers of influenza-associated inpatients from 12 Austrian paediatric hospitals and population below 18 years of age in their catchment area from November 2017 to March 2018

From: A severe influenza season in Austria and its impact on the paediatric population: mortality and hospital admission rates, november 2017 - march 2018

HospitalInfluenza inpatientsPopulation
Graz LKH166147,715
Wien SMZ OST Donauspital12978,046
Linz BSRV KH8152,895
St. Pölten UnivKL6441,010
Leoben-Bruck/Mur LKH6250,557
Steyr LKH5621,221
Wien SMZ SÜD KFJ/Preyer4645,724
Wels-Grieskirchen KL3847,206
Ried/Innkr BSRV KH3223,103
Tulln UnivKL3131,708
Kirchdorf/Krems LKH2510,942
Oberwart LKH1229,707