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Table 2 Independent associated factors of MS using multiple logistic regression

From: Prevalence and associated factors of metabolic syndrome in adults: a population-based epidemiological survey in Jiangxi province, China

Participants95.0% CI for Exp(B)
All participants
  Primary school or below (reference)1.01.0
  Middle or high school0.8510.6451.123
  College or above0.6700.5120.877
Urban males
  Primary school or below (reference)1.01.0
  Middle or high school0.3100.1160.823
  College or above0.2370.0900.624
Urban females
 Menses condition
  menopausal state (reference)1.01.0
  un-menopausal state0.6450.4220.984
  1. OR odds ration, CI confidence interval