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Table 3 Wilcoxon signed rank test comparing quality of life domain scores and health tests before and after the physical activity intervention

From: Development and evaluation of a physical activity intervention informed by participatory research- a feasibility study

Comparison of QOL Domains/Health testMean difference (SD)zp-valueEffect size
Physical Health Domain t2-Physical Health Domain t17.14(8.5)-2,590.009*0.47
Psychological Health Domain t2-Psychological Health Domain t19.14(12.0)−2.770.006*0.50
Social Relationships Domain t2-Social Relationships Domain t17.22(12.5)−2.070.039*0.38
Environmental Domain t2-Environmental Domain t11.87(9.86)−0.750.4500.14
Self-Rated QOL t2- Self-Rated QOL t10.80(1.4)−1.920.0550.35
Satisfaction with Health t2 – Satisfaction with Health t10.80(0.9)−2.520.012*0.46
  1. QOL Quality of life; t1-pre-test; t2- post-test; * p-value < 0.05