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Table 2 List of capabilities for achieving healthy child growth outcomes

From: “We struggle with the earth everyday”: parents’ perspectives on the capabilities for healthy child growth in haor region of Bangladesh

Being able to stay away from disease and eat wellBeing able to stay healthy and eat wellBeing able to earn in all seasons and provide the family with the things they needBeing able to live in a safe home during the wet season
Being able to be born with God’s blessings and the hereditary traits needed to grow in sizeBeing able to stay away from domestic violenceBeing able to save the future and the one who creates the futureBeing able to overcome struggles with the earth to stay neat and clean
Being able to stay happy and playfulBeing able to allocate time for child care as desiredBeing able to express love by purchasing toys for the children and other items as requiredBeing able to be mobile in different seasons
 Being able to be engaged in income- generating activitiesBeing able to be educated in order to get a job and educate the childrenBeing able to secure a source of safe drinking water for the family
 Being able to express love (maya-mohabbat) and take care of the childrenBeing able to be healthy, energetic, have a brain (intelligence) and be religious 
 Being able to be educated in order to provide the children with good care