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Table 3 Logistic regression of recent HIV testing against background factors, HIV knowledge and stigma and behavioural factors

From: Prevalence and determinants of recent HIV testing among older persons in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional study

VariablesModel 1 Model 2 Model 3 
Adjusted Odds Ratios (aOR)95% Confidence IntervalOdds Ratios (aOR)95% Confidence IntervalOdds Ratios (aOR)95% Confidence Interval
Age group
 50–59 (rc)11.00
Sex (rc = female)1.080.75–1.551.110.77–1.590.790.47–1.13
Worked in the last 12 months (rc = No)1.38*1.00–1.931.381.01–2.101.340.96–1.91
Currently in union (rc = not in union)1.46*1.0102.091.46*0.93–1.980.810.51–1.28
Correct knowledge on 4–5 HIV prevention modes1.250.87–1.781.100.75–1.59
Agreement with on 4–8 stigma statements1.030.72–1.471.010.69–1.45
Older men need to circumcise to prevent HIV (rc = No)1.360.95–1.941.190.81–1.75
Self-reported sexually transmitted infections in the last 12 months (rc = No)1.59*1.09–2.30
Male circumcised
 No (rc)    1.00 
 Not Applicable to females1.00 
Sexual activity in the last 12 months (rc = No)2.89***1.83–4.57
Transactional sex in the last 12 months (rc = No)1.050.60–1.84
Observations (N)646646631 
  1. aOR (Adjusted Odds Ratios); rc: reference category; 95% confidence intervals in second column: * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001;
  2. Model 1, controlling for socio-demographics, Model 2, controlling for HIV knowledge and stigma & Model 3, controlling for behavioural factors