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Table 2 Association between recent HIV testing and background factors among older persons in Uganda

From: Prevalence and determinants of recent HIV testing among older persons in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional study

VariablesTested for HIV and received results in the last 12 months
Yes (%)Total (N)P-value
Age group< 0.001
Sex of the respondents0.21
Education level0.10
 Secondary or higher51.9160
Work in the last 12 months< 0.001
Currently in union< 0.01
Number of wives or husbands< 0.01
 Two plus66.383
 Not in union45.8262
Correct Knowledge about 4–5 HIV transmission modes0.01
Stigma on at least 4–8 statements0.71
Test for HIV once a year even HIV negative0.01
Older men need to circumcise to prevent HIV0.01
Had sex in the last 12 months< 0.001
Number of lifetime sexual partners0.39
 Two or more70.588
Ever given or received money or gifts for sex0.06
Gave or received money or gifts for sex in the last 12 months0.01
Drinks alcohol0.94
Uses tobacco or drugs0.33
Self-reported STI in the last 12 months< 0.01
Male circumcised< 0.01
 No, female50.3334