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Table 2 Associations of suicidal ideation with risk factors among transwomen

From: Psychosocial mediators of perceived stigma and suicidal ideation among transgender women

CharacteristicAdjusted ORa (95% CI)
Non-injection drug use
 Yes2.30 (0.81–6.53)
Injection drug use
 Yes1.28 (0.31–5.23)
Excessive drinking
 Yes2.07 (0.58–7.35)
Sexual abuse
 Yes3.17 (1.10–9.30) *
Intimate partner violence
 Yes4.59 (0.89–23.66)
Child Sex Abuse
 Yes1.91 (0.72–5.12)
Anxiety1.74 (1.10–2.73) *
Depression1.54 (0.83–2.80)
Perceived stigma1.75 (0.81–3.76)
Psychosocial impact of gender minority status3.42 (1.81–6.46)*
Family verbal abuse
 Yes2.99 (1.10–8.40)*
Stranger verbal abuse
 Yes3.21 (1.02–10.08)*
HIV status
 Positive0.37 (0.13–1.10)
Partner Support
 Yes0.34 (0.13–0.90)*
  1. aAdjusted for age, race, education, and homelessness. *p – value < 0.05, OR – Odds Ratio, CI – Confidence Intervals