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Table 3 Suggested local actions to improve routine immunization program coverage or quality, and potential contribution of emergency responses or campaigns, in rural Papua New Guinea

From: Strengthening routine immunization in Papua New Guinea: a cross-sectional provincial assessment of front-line services

Local actions already proposed in the PNG government’s SIREP strategyPotential contribution of emergency responses or campaigns
Local planning based on populations rather than geographyCampaign coordinators help boost local routine planning capacity
Mapping child populations and data-sharing
Intensified quarterly outreach focused on higher clinic numbers properly resourced and implementedIdentify new outreach points, especially with population clusters
Clarify options and costs for transport
System for tracking unvaccinated childrenMapping child populations and data-sharing
Integrated SIAs with additional vaccines, matching local prioritiesInvolve district level in planning
Local flexibility in an expanded package of campaign services
Supportive supervision linked to refresher training including good communications and AEFIsDistribute resources to staff
Use campaign monitoring to collect staff priorities for capacity development
Trained lay health workers (health volunteers) to track births and children, support outreach clinics and promote uptake at static clinicsCampaign organisation that promotes local involvement
Leverage campaign supports to enlist long-term interest and support
Local actions that go beyond the PNG government’s SIREP strategyPotential contribution of emergency responses or campaigns
Standardise every opportunity for vaccination, by policy, training and accessibility of vaccine suppliesNot easily addressed by emergency responses or campaigns
Health communication products and programs to educate families on the complete vaccine scheduleDistribute family-oriented communications materials promoting catch-up vaccination
Test models of integrated services, responsive to community preferencesNot easily addressed by emergency responses or campaigns
Review of staff roles and functions to optimise allocations and workloadMinimise incentives that discourage outreach as part of routine programs
  1. Note: SIA Supplementary Immunization Activity. AEFI Adverse Event Following Immunization