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Table 3 Exposure to Tobacco Farming associated with Health Outcomes Jujuy, Argentina, 2005

From: Youth working in tobacco farming: effects on smoking behavior and association with health status

Logistic Regression of Exposure to Tobacco Farming in 2005 and Health Outcomes in 2005, for Health-related Outcomes
 Perceived Health Status Excellent/Good vs. Fair/poor OR (95% CI)Serious Injury Yes vs. No OR (95% CI)Accidental Injury by Someone Else Yes vs. No OR (95% CI)Assault Yes vs. No OR (95% CI)Chemical poisoning Yes vs. No OR (95% CI)
Tobacco Farming0.7 (0.5–1.0)1.4 (1.1–2.0)*1.5 (1.0–2.1)*2.2 (1.3–3.8)**2.5 (1.2–5.4)**
  1. Logistic regression models (3.a. and 3.b.) controlling for age, sex, ethnicity, religion, low SES status, number of friends who smoke, adult smokers at home, and smoking at T1
  2. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01