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Table 1 Characteristics of study participants

From: A qualitative study of attitudes towards, typologies, and drivers of concurrent partnerships among people of black Caribbean ethnicity in England and their implications for STI prevention

Focus group discussion participants characteristics
Number of focus group discussionsMenWomenTotalAge groupEthnicityAreaEmployment/occupation status
105515–243 Black British and 2 mixed ethnicity (black Caribbean & English; black Caribbean & Turkish)East LondonAll students
2381115–24All, except 2 participants who identified as black Caribbean/black British, others identified as black CaribbeanNorth LondonAll students
323535–483 participants identified as black British and 2 as black CaribbeanWest London2 were unemployed, 2 employed, 1 other (HIV+ and receiving benefits)
4437> 48Except one participant who identified as black British, others identified as black CaribbeanSouth LondonPeople living with mental health problems and were largely unemployed/voluntarily retired
In-depth interview participants characteristics
Age group     
 15–24 5611
 25–35 5510
 > 35 5510
Recruitment site     
 Sexual health clinics 101222
 Community settings 549
 London 91423
 Birmingham 628
Total 151631