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Table 5 Women’s Ratings of Benefits, Safety, Harms and Acceptability of Interventions and Participation by Group

From: Longitudinal impacts of an online safety and health intervention for women experiencing intimate partner violence: randomized controlled trial

VariableItemTailored Group RatingsaNon-Tailored Group Ratingsap-valueEffect Size
Perceived BenefitsI gained something from completing the online tool2014.51 (.625)2094.45 (.699).3800.09
FitThe information in the online tool fit with my needs and concerns2014.28 (.756)2094.11 (.921).0440.20
SafetyI felt comfortable and safe taking part2014.63 (.603)2094.59 (.723).5110.06
Potential HarmsWorking through the online tool made me very anxious or upset2013.22 (1.246)2093.33 (1.209).380−0.09
AcceptabilityIf I had known what this study would be like, I would still have taken part2014.46 (.700)2074.35 (.798).1590.15
AcceptabilityI would recommend the online tool to other women2004.62 (.599)2094.47 (.766).0380.22
  1. aResponse options: Strongly Disagree (1), Disagree (2), Neither agree or disagree (3), Agree (4), Strongly Agree (5)