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Table 2 Sample Characteristics by Intervention Group at Baseline

From: Longitudinal impacts of an online safety and health intervention for women experiencing intimate partner violence: randomized controlled trial

 Total N = 462Non-Tailored N = 231Tailored N = 231 
nM (SD)nM (SD)nM (SD)pd
Age41434.61 (10.7)20834.39 (10.6)20634.84 (10.8).669
Months separated from partner (baseline)2664.77 (3.47)1295.01 (3.55)1374.55 (3.39).456
 No secondary school diploma5611.72711.72912.5
 Secondary school diploma8217.73515.24720.3
 Some post-secondary14832.07231.27632.9
 Completed post-secondary17638.19742.07934.2
 Employed Full-Time11324.55423.45925.5
 Employed Part-Time11625.16226.85423.4 
Difficulty Living on Current Income.586
 Not at all difficult306.5166.9146.1 
 Somewhat difficult/difficult21546.511248.510344.6 
 Very/extremely difficult21747.010344.611449.4 
Indigenous Identity.757
Children < 18 years of age living at home.514
Community of Residence.420
 Rural community or small town10923.65222.55724.7 
 Med-Sized City12727.55925.56829.4 
 Large Urban Center22648.912051.910645.9 
Partner’s Gender.264
 Other than mana204.383.4125.2 
Living with Abusive partner.676
Plan for Relationship.630
 Plan to stay/plan to return418.92410.4177.5 
 Plan to leave5211.32812.12410.4 
 Ended and plan to stay separated23751.311549.812252.8 
Abuse Type in Previous 6 Monthsc
 Severe Combined Abuse38182.519584.418681.2.364
 Physical Abuse39585.519182.720488.7.065
 Emotional Abuse45899.122899.123099.6.156
Self-Reported Health Problems
  “nervous” or “uptight”40988.520187.020890.0.246
  “sad” or “depressed”41690.020990.520789.6.751
  “fatigue” or “difficulty sleeping”42491.821090.921492.6.399
  “Pain (e.g. headaches, joint pain”)35877.517977.517978.21.000
  1. aInclusive of woman, trans woman, genderqueer, 2-spirited, no option that applies
  2. bInclusive of women who had separated and those who never lived with the abusive partner
  3. cbased on cut-scores for 4 subscales of the Composite Abuse Scale
  4. dbased on t-tests for continuous variables, ANOVA for categorical variables