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Table 1 Active Components of the Tailored and Non-Tailored Online Interventions

From: Longitudinal impacts of an online safety and health intervention for women experiencing intimate partner violence: randomized controlled trial

Component Intervention
Tailored Intervention Non-Tailored
Priorities • Interactive priorities exercise
• Personalized feedback about the woman’s ‘top’ priority’ and recommendations for related information in the action plan
• Brief statement about the importance of women’s priorities to decision-making
Risk Assessment • Completion of the Danger Assessment Calendar and Questions with personalized feedback • Brief general information about risk factors for IPV
Action Plan • 54 Strategies organized in 8 categories
• Resources (contact information for services or helpful websites) associated with most strategies
• Specific strategies recommended based on the woman’s responses to background questions and results of priority exercise and risk assessment;
• Woman can modify the plan as she chooses
• 10 strategies focussed on emergency safety planning;
• Selected resources provided for crisis services only
• No recommendations based on the woman’s situation;
• No opportunity to modify the plan