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Table 4 Complex Samples Logistic Regression Analysis of US Native American Adults with Low Heart Attack and Stroke Symptom Knowledge Score. Amalgamated 2005, 2007, 2009 BRFSS Data

From: Knowledge of heart attack and stroke symptoms among US Native American Adults: a cross-sectional population-based study analyzing a multi-year BRFSS database

VariablesFactorsAdjusted Odds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Age45–64 Years Of Age vs. 18–44 Years Of Age.756.587.973
> = 65 Years Of Age vs. 18–44 Years Of Age1.130.8271.543
SexMale vs. Female1.202.9301.554
Education CompletedDid Not Graduate From HS vs. University Graduate2.2931.4433.643
HS Graduate vs. University Graduate1.5781.0582.352
Health StatusFair To Poor Health vs. Good To Excellent Health.867.6661.128
Health Insurance StatusDo Not Have Health Insurance vs. Have Health Insurance1.250.8821.771
Have Health Care ProviderDo Not Have HCP vs. Have HCP1.150.8181.615
Medical Care DeferredMedical Care Deferred Because Of Cost vs. Medical Care Not Deferred.699.4881.000
Routine Medical Check UpLonger Than 12 Months Ago vs. Within Last 12 Months1.138.8551.515
Geographic LocaleRural vs. Non-Rural1.022.8211.272
Household Income<$50,000 vs. > = $50,0001.9381.3782.724