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Table 2 Summary of School Testing Benefits

From: Simulating preventative testing of SARS-CoV-2 in schools: policy implications

1 Allows to identify the infected individuals earlier to reduce additional infections
2 It is less painful than hospitalization for those who would have been infected in the absence of testing
3 It can reduce pressures on different stakeholders, particularly mental pressures on parents and teachers
4 Asymptomatic cases, that are mainly among the younger ages and able to spread the virus, can only be detected through random testing
5 It enables schools to continue their operations with lower risks and uncertainty, which is important because as the pandemic continues, closure of schools may not be a long-term solution
6 without regular testing, co-infection or overlap between influenza and COVID-19 can create more chaos, particularly during the flu season when it will be difficult for parents or those who screen the children for symptoms, to identify most likely COVID-19 symptoms