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Table 2 Inflection points in AGYW decision-making

From: Developing a framework for cash transfer programs that foster sustained economic empowerment to reduce sexual risk among adolescent girls and young women: a qualitative study

Sexual Decisions Relationship Decisions Financial Decisions
Pressured into sexual relationship by boyfriend Being propositioned for a relationship by a peer male Not having enough money for food
Being asked for sex by a boyfriend/ peer male Being propositioned for a relationship by an older man Facing an immediate need for money because of an unexpected event
Refusing sex Not getting what she wants/expects/needs from boyfriend Starting period and needing sanitary pads
Deciding to stop condom use Learning that she is pregnant Seeing items like clothes and shoes and wanting to have them
Asking boyfriend to take an HIV test Discovering that boyfriend is cheating on her Setting goal for oneself
Negotiating condom use Taking on an additional boyfriend Business revenue shortfall
Discussing family planning Switching boyfriends To start a business or not
Thinking about getting tested for sexually transmitted infections Emotional stress in relationship influencing choice to leave/stay Needing capital for business
Having sex with another woman Physical violence in relationship influencing choice to leave/stay To join CT program or not
Considering sex work as a means to gain money Feeling like boyfriend doesn’t meet her financial needs/expectations To share/loan money (to peers, family, or partner) or not
  Boyfriend leaves her for another girl To stay committed to financial empowerment workshops or not
  Getting involved with bad role models/changing peer network Creating a savings goal/target
   Deciding to save money
   Deciding that she will rely on herself rather than on a man
   Deciding that she will seek financial resources through methods other than sexual relationships