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Table 2 Examples of text-messages mapped onto COM-B behaviour change techniques

From: Intervention development of a brief messaging intervention for a randomised controlled trial to improve diabetes treatment adherence in sub-Saharan Africa

Brief text message COM-B behaviour change domain and techniques
Struggling to remember to pick up your meds? A trusted friend or family member could help remind you. Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] CAPABILITY
Social Support – cue to action
Your good health is important. Pls take your meds as prescribed for all your health problems, even if you feel fine. Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] MOTIVATION
Addressing known triggers for sub-optimal adherence
Attending clinic appointments will help you stay healthy. Pls try to plan ahead for your arrangements (e.g. travel, work, child care). Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] OPPORTUNITY
Enhancing physical opportunity (mobilise time and resources)
It’s easy to forget your meds at home when travelling. Pls remember to take your meds along on your trip. Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] CAPABILITY
Building flexible knowledge of strategies to have medicines available to take
Well-controlled blood sugar (taking your meds & a healthy lifestyle) helps decrease the risk of a stroke. Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] CAPABILITY
Psychological capability - knowledge of natural disease progression
Caring for your feet is really important. Ask us for information on how to look after your feet. Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] CAPABILITY
Enhancing psychological capability for self-management
Sugar diabetes can affect anyone. Men, women & people of all ages, in all countries are living with sugar diabetes. Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] OPPORTUNITY
Social opportunity - encouraging social norms that disease is not due to personal failing
It can be difficult to change what you eat. Try to make a few small changes to your diet that you can stick to. Thnx [DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] OPPORTUNITY
Social opportunity -cue to action
Healthy food is not always expensive. Beans and eggs provide good protein and cost less than meat. Thnx []DiabetesTeam@VanClinic] MOTIVATION
Reflection, evaluation and challenging automatic processes
Losing weight can be hard. Start with small steps, like eating a fruit for a snack instead of biscuits or sweets. Thnx [Dr@VanClinic] OPPORTUNITY
Social opportunity - cue to action