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Table 2 Percentage Responses on the Utilization of SRHS for Youth in Enugu State (n = 1447)

From: Predictors of young people’s use of sexual and reproductive health services in Nigeria: a mixed-method approach

Sexuality Education Services
Human biology 68.6
Puberty and menstrual hygiene education 72.0
Skill to overcome sexual desire 60.7
Healthy relationships 55.6
Dangers of pre-marital and unsafe sex 60.3
Counseling on reproductive health issues 48.6
Information on harmful cultural practices like female circumcision 46.0
Information on prevention of non-infectious conditions of reproductive health such as fistulas and cancers 41.2
Cluster % Total 56.6
Family Planning Information and Services
 Family planning information and counseling 42.2
 Condoms 43.4
 Oral pills 31.0
 Injectable contraceptives 22.8
 Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUCDs) 22.0
 Other contraceptives 23.8
Cluster % Total 30.9
Safe Motherhood Services
 Antenatal care 35.4
 Skilled delivery 30.3
 Postnatal care 33.4
 Immunization 49.1
 Infant feeding information 36.1
 Growth monitoring 34.5
Cluster % Total 36.5
Post Abortion Care Services
 Emergency care during bleeding 25.8
 Manual removal of retained product of conception 21.4
 Information on prevention of unwanted pregnancy and abortion 36.8
 Referral 23.6
Cluster % Total 26.9
Services for Prevention and Treatment of STIs and HIV and AIDS
 STIs and HIV and AIDS prevention information 56.5
 Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for STIs and HIV 45.9
 Antiretroviral therapy 22.9
 Treatment of STIs 32.6
 Condoms for prevention of STIs and HIV 43.8
Cluster % Total 40.3
Overall % Total 38.2