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Table 2 Development and format of evaluative tool themes

From: A Canadian-wide perspective on the essential conditions for taking a comprehensive school health approach

Theme Description Representative Quote
Format The format of the tool needs to be user-friendly, concise, and available online. “I think, to be honest, maybe the best way to do this is creating a tool that’s both able to be completed on paper as well as on like on an iPad or Smart Board or a computer, like digital, so that it can support wherever the school is at with their technology” (P34).
Intent The tool should provide a clear idea of a school’s progress with implementation of the essential conditions. “It has to be very easy to use, quick to use, has to get the information back to them [school health champions] as well in a way that they can use the information … It can’t just be sort of one-way information. It’d have to have a clear connection in terms of how is that tool supporting us and our schools to be able to be moving forward” (P3).
Indicators CSH progress should be measured on a continuum with clear indication of what successful implementation looks like. “You need that criterion so it’s outcome-based. What outcomes are you going to see if you’re at 100%? What outcomes are you going to see at 50%?...If I’m somebody that strives for excellence, I’m going to start looking at the criteria and say those are the outcomes that need to occur and then that’s what I’m going to strive for” (P30).
Team Approach The tool should be designed in such a way that a team could complete it together. “[The tool should be] a digital type thing that students and staff do together” (P37).