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Table 7 Perception and practices towards CVD prevention

From: Public knowledge of risk factors and warning signs for cardiovascular disease among young and middle-aged adults in rural Tanzania

  Number (%)
Self-perceived risk
 Perceive to be at risk of cardiovascular disease 1360 (45.3)
 Perceive to be overweight/obese 921 (30.7)
 Perceive body weight has increased in the past 1 year 956 (31.9)
Practices towards CVD prevention in the past 1 year
 Conducted medical check-up for CVD risk factors 826 (27.5)
 Decreased amount of food eaten so as loose or not gain weight 495 (16.5)
 Decreased amount of salt in food 1412 (47.1)
 Reduced consumption of fatty foods 1482 (49.4)
 Decreased eating fast foods and out of home 1205 (40.2)
 Exercise regularly 412 (13.7)
 Attempted to stop /decreased smoking (among smokers) 10 (5.7)
 Attempted to stop / decreased alcohol drinking (among drinkers) 128 (21.7)