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Table 2 Planned and actual feeding practices and return to work (quantitative data)

From: ‘I decided to go back to work so I can afford to buy her formula’: a longitudinal mixed-methods study to explore how women in informal work balance the competing demands of infant feeding and working to provide for their family

N = 18 Plans during pregnancy
(Pre-delivery interview)
Practice after delivery
(post-delivery interview)
Practice after return to work
(return to work interview)
Infant feeding practices
 Initiated breastfeeding 16
 Exclusive Breastfeeding 12 10 2
 Formula milk only 4 4 8
 Mixed-breastfeeding (breast and formula) 2 4 8
Return to work (age of baby)
 Less than 1 month 4a 1
 1–2 months 10 9
 3–4 months 6 3
 5–6 months 2 4
 Above 6 months 1
  1. aincludes three mothers who had not returned to previous work but did some paid work within2 weeks after delivery of baby