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Table 2 Prevalence of intimate partner violence against mothers of under-five children in Dowa rural, 2018

From: Prevalence and determinants of intimate partner violence against mothers of children under-five years in Central Malawi

Forms of violence N = 538 Percentage
Controlling behavior
 Ever jealous or angry if you talk to a male person 326 (60.6)
 Frequently accuses you of being unfaithful 264 (49.1)
 Does not permit you to meet your female friends 270 (50.2)
 Tries to limit your contact with your family 220 (40.9)
 Insists on knowing where you are 289 (537)
 Summary measure of controlling behavior 402 (74.7)
Psychological abuse
 Ever insulted you or made you feel bad 207 (38.5)
 Humiliated you in front of others 191 (35.5)
 Threatened to hurt you or someone you care 156 (29.0)
 Did things to scare or intimidate you purposively 150 (28.0)
 Summary measure of psychological violence 266 (49.4)
Physical violence
 Slapped 176 (32.7)
 Pushed 149 (27.7)
 Hit/punch 88 (16.4)
 Kicked/dragged/beaten 134 (24.9)
 Choked or burned you on purpose 37 (6.9)
 Threatened or attacked you with weapon 39 (7.2)
 Summary measure of physical violence 235 (43.7)
Sexual violence
 Pressured you to have sex through harassment, threats or tricks and succeeded 350 (65.0)
 Physically forced you to have sexual intercourse with him when you did not want to 253 (47.0)
 Force you with threats or in any other way to perform sexual acts you did not want to 230 (42.8)
 Summary measure of sexual violence 394 (73.2)