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Table 1 Description of selected Dimensions and their sub-dimensions of the study

From: Inequalities in health and health-related indicators: a spatial geographic analysis of Pakistan

S. No Dimension Sub-dimension
1 Economic domain i. Mean income of households per year (in rupees)
2 Education domain i. Households head with high school degree or higher (in percentage)
ii. Households spouse with middle school degree or higher (in percentage)
3 Housing domain i. Households using Gas as a fuel for cooking purposes (in percentage)
4 Water domain i. Households with piped water as a source of drinking water (in percentage)
5 Health domain i. Households where lady health worker (LHW) visited in last 30 days
ii. Children under 5 who have completed the full recommended vaccination course (in percentage)
iii. Households receiving post-natal care after delivery (in percentage)
  1. Source: “Pakistan Social and Living Standard Measurement survey”, 2014–15
  2. “()” shows the measurement scales