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Table 2 Project theory of change, components and structure

From: The impact of the livelihoods and income fortification and socio-civic transformation project on the quality of life, wellbeing, self-esteem, and quality of neighbourhood social environment among the youth in slum areas of in Kampala, Uganda

Project Goal:

To reduce the proportion of young people aged 13–25 years in Makindye and Nakawa divisions with low quality of life from 42.7 to 30% by 2017

Summary of Outcomes:

Outcome 1:

Increased employment potential of young people aged 16–25 years in Makindye and Nakawa Divisions by 2017

Output 1.1: Access to credit and savings opportunities for young people in Nakawa and Makindye Divisions increased

Output 1.2: Young people equipped with Vocational Skills for self-employment

Output 1.3: Young people empowered with Business and Entrepreneurship skills

Outcome 2:

Increased access to SRHR information and services among 3500 young people aged13–25 years in Makindye and Nakawa Divisions of Kampala City by 2017

Output 2.1: Sexual and Reproductive Health Services at Community and Health Facilities strengthened.

Output 2.2: Capacity of service providers to provide Youth Friendly SRHR enhanced

Output 2.3: Exposure and risk to alcohol, drug and substance abuse reduced

Outcome 3:

Increased protection against abuse and exploitation among young people aged 13–25 years in Nakawa and Makindye Divisions by 2017

Output 3.1: Community Based Child Protection Formal and Informal mechanisms are functional

Output 3.2: Community awareness on Child Wellbeing  including child rights, participation and child protection increased

Outcome 4:

Increased involvement of young people in dialogue with government and other actors on development.

Output 4.1: Capacity of young people aged between 13 and 25 enhanced to engage in civic activities for improved service delivery

Output 4.2: Young people empowered with Life Skills to claim for their rights

Output 4.3: Young People effectively Engaging with duty bearers for improved service delivery