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Table 1 Indicators presented to PHAs as part of initial pilot interviews

From: Establishing consensus on key public health indicators for the monitoring and evaluating childhood obesity interventions: a Delphi panel study

Domain Measurable Influencing Factors Measurable Influencing Factors (cont.)
Physical Activity
  Gender Walkability
  Age Urban planning
  BMI Grouping Sedentary time
  Disability Accessibility
  Prevelance of inactivity Time and type
  Inequality Affordability
Social Environmental
  Water quality Green space
  Air quality Food waste
  Proximity to motorway School policy
  Density of food retailers Organic pollutant
  Location of food retailers Weather pattern
  Food desserts Advertising/marketing density
  Psychosocial distress Stigma
  House price Disposible income
  Homeownership Household food spend
  Area deprivation  
Individual level
  Medical history Genetics
  Health service utilisation Family history