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Table 1 Associations between SSYK 2012, occupational skill levels (ISCO-08), and the international classification of education ISCED-97

From: Socioeconomic and marital status among liver cirrhosis patients and associations with mortality: a population-based cohort study in Sweden

SSYK 2012 ISCO-08 occupational skill level ISCED-97 level
Elementary occupations I Level 1
Elementary education at primary school
Administration and customer service clerks II Level 2–4
Education programmes at upper secondary and tertiary level of not more than 2 years in length
Service, care and shop sales workers II
Agricultural, horticultural, forestry and fishery workers II
Building and manufacturing workers II
Mechanical manufacturing and transport workers, etc. II
Other ranks (privates. Etc.). II
Non-commissioned officers III Level 5b
Practical or vocational tertiary education programmes of 2–3 years in length
Operations managers in service industries III
Occupations requiring higher education qualifications or equivalent III
Managers IV Level 5a-6
Theoretical or research-oriented tertiary education programmes and third-cycle programmes of at least 3 years, normally 4 years or longer in length
Commissioned officers IV
Occupations requiring advanced level of higher education IV
  1. ISCED-97: International Standard Classification of Education, UNESCO 1997; ISCO-08: International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008; SSYK 2012: Swedish Standard Classification of Occupations 2012. A more detailed description can be found at Statistics Sweden (