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Table 1 Percentile ranking for Somerville and Chinatown area compared to all block groups in USA for environmental justice indexes, environmental indicators, and demographic indicators from EPA’s EJSCREEN tool ( [17]

From: Two communities, one highway and the fight for clean air: the role of political history in shaping community engagement and environmental health research translation

  Somerville Chinatown
Environmental Justice (EJ) Indexes
 EJ Index for Particulate Matter (PM 2.5) 52 78
 EJ Index for Ozone 51 81
 EJ Index for NATA* Diesel PM 36 93
 EJ Index for NATA* Air Toxics Cancer Risk 50 83
 EJ Index for NATA* Respiratory Hazard Index 49 84
 EJ Index for Traffic Proximity and Volume 80 99
Environmental Indicators
 Particulate Matter (PM) 13 14
 Ozone 26 25
 NATA* Diesel PM 80-90th 95-100th
 NATA* Air Toxics Cancer Risk <50th 70-80th
 NATA* Respiratory Hazard Index 50-60th 80-90th
 Traffic Proximity and Volume (daily traffic count/distance to road) 94 99
Demographic Indicators
 Demographic Index 47 89
 Minority Population 51 80
 Low Income Population 43 92
 Linguistically Isolated Population 80 98
 Population with Less Than High School Education 52 93
 Population under Age 5 30 31
 Population over Age 64 30 31
  1. *The National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment (NATA)