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Table 1 Topic guide

From: A digital lifestyle behaviour change intervention for the prevention of type 2 diabetes: a qualitative study exploring intuitive engagement with real-time glucose and physical activity feedback

Consent confirmed
How did you feel taking part in a study about your health? What were the reasons behind taking part?
How did you find the devices? Can you describe how you used the wearable devices?
How did you find the feedback provided by the devices? What did you think of the goals that were in place?
How did you get on with the glucose feedback? How did you get on with the activity feedback? How did you find accessing the two types of feedback at the same time?
How did receiving feedback make you feel?
Is there anything you learned from taking part? Do you think anything has changed?
What advice would you give to others using the technology?
Do you have anything to add?
Do you have any further questions?