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Table 1 RE-AIM Evaluation of Healthy Together

From: A RE-AIM evaluation of Healthy Together: a family-centred program to support children’s healthy weights

RE-AIM Dimensions Measures Data Sources
 To what extent did HT reach the target population? Organization level:
• Types of families served by participating organizations
Individual level:
• Estimated attendance at HT
• Extent to which HT participants reflect target population
• Director interviews
• HT implementation summary
• Survey data (participants)
• Census data
 How well did HT program achieve intended outcomes? • Knowledge of healthy eating and physical activity as a result of HT (caregivers)
• Healthy eating and physical activity behavior as a result of HT (caregivers, youth, children 7–12 yrs)
• Perceived impact on wellbeing (caregivers, youth, children 7–12 yrs)
• Perceived impact on social connections within families and community (caregivers, youth)
• Perceptions of HT acceptability (caregivers, youth, children 7–12 yrs)
• Facilitator feedback on HT program
• Participant surveys
• HT Facilitator surveys
 What setting level factors influenced initiation and integration HT into core service programs? • Enablers and challenges to initiating/ integrating HT in core service programs
• Perceptions of ease of using the program tools and resources to implement HT
• Facilitator survey
• Director interviews
 To what extent was HT delivered as intended? • Consistency related to delivering core components of HT in core services
• Factors influencing ability to implement HT program as intended
• Types of adaptations for settings and to meet needs of participants
• Facilitator surveys
• Director interviews
• Implementation summary
 To what extent are organizations continuing to offer HT?
 How has offering HT influenced policy and practice?
• Number of organizations continuing or with plans to continue offering HT
• Enablers and challenges to HT program maintenance at 6-month follow-up
• Policy and/or practice changes to support healthy lifestyles because of HT
• Director interviews
• Implementation summary