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Table 1 The components, dosage and a brief description of the content of the intervention based on the theory of Communities of Practice [35]

From: Children’s physical activity level and sedentary behaviour in Norwegian early childhood education and care: effects of a staff-led cluster-randomised controlled trial

Intervention component Dose Description
Pre-meetings in each kindergarten 1 h Information about project
Information brochure to parents   Information about project
Start-up seminar 6 h • Lecture; Physical activity in the ECEC setting
• Discussing baseline data and outdoor areas with each ECEC
• Practical session with different play activities
• Each ECEC institution developed an intervention program tailored to their institution, based on research and data from baseline. Focus on: staffs attitudes, knowledge, skills and competences and organization/environment
Two courses with 2 month intervals 3 + 3 h Lecturing and discussion of self-determination theory. Practical sessions, sharing examples
Planning and implementation in each kindergarten 4 months The ECEC institutions implemented their program
Detailed planning of daily physical activity activities Weekly Documentation of planned physical activity in weekly schedule
Reflections on how to promote physical activity Regular Reflection on who to promote physical activity were documented and discussed in each ECEC institution
Follow-up meetings in each kindergarten 1 month after start up seminar 1 h • Supporting planning and implementing by project team
• Practical session; example of physical activities and sharing of ideas
• Discussions
o How does the ECEC institution of your dreams look like?
o What can you do to increase physical activity among the children?
Facebook group 4 months Networking between ECEC institutions for ideas and inspiration
Equipment 1000 EUR Equipment for physical active play and sweaters with logo for staff