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Table 4 Odds ratio of having severe sequelae from co-infections with schistosomiasis in PSAC from an endemic district

From: Association of Schistosoma haematobium infection morbidity and severity on co-infections in pre-school age children living in a rural endemic area in Zimbabwe

Co-infected with schistosomiasis Sequelae experienced aOR 95% Confidence interval
Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Severe Pneumonia 8.41a 3.09 to 22.93
Malaria Severe malaria 7.09a 1.51 to 33.39
Dermatophytosis Severe dermatophytosis 20.3a 4.78 to 83.2
Fever of Unknown Origin Seizures 1.62a 1.56 to 4.73
  1. asignificant at 5% level of significance