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Table 3 Stroke knowledge assessment by aspect of socioeconomic position in WHO European region countries

From: Does socioeconomic position affect knowledge of the risk factors and warning signs of stroke in the WHO European region? A systematic literature review

First author (Date) Country Socioeconomic position aspect Open or closed-ended questions (when results were broken down by SEP)? Knowledge of stroke risk factors? Knowledge of stroke warning signs?
Baldereschi [16] (2015) Italy Education Closed Y Y
Dominicis [32] (2006) Italy Education Open Y Y
Evci [36] (2007) Turkey Education Open Y Y
Professional status
Hickey [6] (2009) Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland Education Closed Y Y
Lundelin [29] (2012) Spain Education Closed N Y
Mata [35] (2012) Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain and UK Education Closed N Y
Melnikov [37] (2016) Israel Education Open N Y
Montaner [7] (2001) Spain Education Closed Y Y
Moreira [18] (2011) Portugal Education Closed Y Y
Müller-Nordhorn [8] (2006) Germany Education Open Y N
Neau [38] (2009) France Education Open Y Y
Nedeltchev [17] (2007) Switzerland Education Closed Y Y
Nordanstig [39] (2014) Sweden Education Open Y Y
Parahoo [40] (2003) Northern Ireland Education Closed Y Y
Ramirez-Moreno [30] (2015) Spain Education Open Y Y
Segura [31] (2003) Spain Professional status Both Y Y
Truelsen [19] (2010) Denmark Education Closed Y Y
Vibo [41] (2013) Estonia Education Closed Y Y
Vukovic [33] (2009) Croatia Education Closed Y Y
Vuletić [34] (2006) Croatia Education Closed Y Y
  1. Y = yes; N = no