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Table 1 Prioritisation criteria and criteria groups, the corresponding perspective and question type used in the survey

From: Prioritisation for future surveillance, prevention and control of 98 communicable diseases in Belgium: a 2018 multi-criteria decision analysis study

Criteria group Criteria Perspective Question type
Incidence and trend Incidence Population Default answers
Trend Population Default answers
Impact on the patient Case fatality ratio Individual Default answers
Severity Individual Default answers
Chronicity Individual Default answers
Impact on society Absenteeism Population Open expert opinion
Health care utilization Population Open expert opinion
Excess costs Population Open expert opinion
Public attention Population Open expert opinion
Impact on public health Spreading potential Pathogen Default answers
Events requiring PH action Pathogen Open expert opinion
Surveillance needs International surveillance obligations Pathogen Review
WHO objective for eradication Pathogen Review
Vaccine included in NVP Pathogen Review
Risk for vaccine-triggered strain replacement Pathogen Review
Existing antibiotic multidrug resistance Pathogen Review
NRC/Reflab essential for diagnosis Pathogen Review
Congenital risks Pathogen Review