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Table 1 Some important demographic and health indicators of Bihar in 1992-93 and 2015-16

From: Deciphering disparities in childhood stunting in an underdeveloped state of India: an investigation applying the unconditional quantile regression method

Demographic and Health Indicators 1992-93 2015-16
Sex ratio (female/1000 male) 956a 1062c
% population aged 6+ that is literate 44.6a 66.9c
% female population aged 6+ that is literate 28.6a 57.0c
Child (0-6 years) sex ratio 944a 939c
Infant mortality rate 89.2a 48.2c
Total fertility rate 3.25a 3.40c
% mothers who had at least 3 ANC for last birth 30.7a 14.4c
% skilled attendance at delivery 19.0a 70.0c
% institutional delivery 13.0a 63.8c
Head count poverty ratio 61%b 34%b
Singulate Mean age at marriage 18.0a 19.5d
  1. Sources: aNFHS 1 (1992-93); bWorld Bank 2016; c NFHS 4 (2015-16); dIIPS 2016