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Table 2 Outline of the different areas in the West Midlands

From: Social networks, health and identity: exploring culturally embedded masculinity with the Pakistani community, West Midlands, UK

Location in Birmingham (constituency, ward and area) Description Population total Pakistani population
Area A Centre of industrial revolution in the Black Country 312,952 10,399
Area B, G, J and K Multi-racial residential area with a diverse range of shops, contemporary restaurants and cafes 115,904 37,653
Area C Middle-class residential area, Southwest of the city-centre, leafy parks and cricket ground 96,568 2844
Area D, I and L One of the main centres for the Pakistani community but trends for moving outwards 126,693 19,484
Area E, F and H Predominantly Pakistani (Mirpuri inhabitants) characterised by take-away restaurants and ethnic-specific shops 121,678 46,042
Area M Majority non-White, close to the city-centre, occupied largely by West Indian and South Asian Immigrants 107,090 12,902
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