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Table 2 Requested contents and format for tailored eHealth interventions for MSM

From: An exploratory assessment of the preference for eHealth interventions to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men in Hanoi, Vietnam

eHealth contents and format Participants Quotes Recommendations
 HIV/STI information (1) I think the most important information is HIV and STI, how to prevent it. That will educate people to prevent infections, like the symptoms, how to detect, how to cope with that stuff. (A02, FGD4) HIV/STIs information: symptoms, screening, diagnosis, treatment, prevention
 HIV/STI testing (2) Information about the list of MSM- friendly clinics, with the location of the consultation or treatment, is very good. Additional details may be the introduction of clinics, then connected. There should be lines available to call the counseling. (A01, FGD1) List of clinics providing HIV/STIs testing, location, supporting hotline, process, procedures, online booking
 Hotline counseling (3) It should be a consultant line with a highly specialized consultant who can help callers, so that when I search the information on the Internet if I have questions, I can call them. (A02, FGD3) Counseling hotline, real-time online counseling
 Sexuality and relationships and safe sex (4) Should put the situation between Bota and Topa and show the problem. Find out about situations and emotions on both sides, to create mutual impact, why Bot do this and Top do that? This will create curiosity for the reader. Take other measures to increase the ability to make decisions (A04, FGD2)
(5) I think information should include communication with a partner or anti-discrimination. (A03, FGD3)
Using role play scenarios to increase decision-making capacities, how to improve sexuality and sexual relationships, how to use condoms, how to cope with violence or discrimination
 Controlling the behaviors (6) Controlling the behavior again. I find that people in the control of certain types like drinking alcohol or drug is difficult. (A03, FGD5) Controlling substance use
 Resource for MSM (7) I think it’s a good idea to include stories, but selectively. Because this community has already sunk, stories about good people, good things, make general people see that the community is beautiful, and people are more interested (A03, FGD1) Life stories, MSM-related events
 Support group (8) I think you can create a forum for everyone to share or private groups on the Facebook. (A06, FGD4) Social networks
 Mood and tone (9) For young people, it is necessary to have more fun, colorful content, while older people have to be mature. In general, the style should be neutralized for both (A03, FGD4). Fun, colorful, happy, casual, straightforward
 Mode of delivery (10) I think the combination of text and image is better, the image should be less than text. I think the picture is very important. The more unique the image, the more attention it draws. (A01, FGD1) Combine text, image, video clips, and infographic.
Statistics for fear appeals
Call to action
 Access mode (11) A website is preferred; however, you can consider designing that can fit the smartphone screen, so I can access anywhere. (A06, FGD2) A website is a preferable choice, that can have the layout optimized for mobile devices.
 Engagement strategies (12) It should be attractive, as the style for adding some handsome boy pictures is very attractive. The interface should be friendly because some websites I have visited before cause a lot of trouble (A02, FGD4)
(13) You can mention… what they will receive, something like economic, travel support. (A02, FGD2)
Attractive titles, images, and contents
Create forum
Rewards, financial incentives
  1. a Explanation: Bot: Bottom – indicates receptive partner; Top: indicates insertive partner