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Table 8 Explanatory models of Ebola Virus Disease from FGDs

From: Ebola virus disease in the eyes of a rural, agrarian community in Western Nigeria: a mixed method study

EVD domains HS group OF group AM group RF group
Cause Germ Punishment for sins Greed Germ
Transmission Contact with infected body fluids/ animals Eating bush meat Sexual intercourse Eating bush meat, contact with infected body fluids
Treatment Medical hospital, local herbalist, no recurrent theme Local herbalist, medical hospital Local herbalist
Burial of victims To be done by healthcare personnel Opposed to cremation No to burial rites but opposed to cremation To be done by government. Opposed to cremation
Prevention during outbreak Stopped eating bush meat, used salt water Salt water Salt water Salt water
Prevention post-outbreak None. Resumed eating bush meat None. ‘God’ protects Protected intercourse None. ‘God’ protects