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Table 3 Knowledge of prevention and cure of EVD among the respondents

From: Ebola virus disease in the eyes of a rural, agrarian community in Western Nigeria: a mixed method study

Knowledge of EVD Frequency (%)
Preventive measures against EVD (multiple responses)
 Avoiding direct contact with people 160 (39.3)
 Washing hands frequently with soap and water 136 (33.4)
 Avoiding contact with non-human primates’ blood and fluids 104 (25.6)
 Avoiding contact with items that have come in contact with infected persons 101 (24.8)
 Bathing with salt and hot water 60 (14.7)
 Ensuring proper environmental and personal hygiene 58 (14.3)
 Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption 58 (14.3)
 Seeking medical care immediately (on suspicion of) EVD symptoms 57 (14.0)
 By using hand sanitizer 45 (11.1)
 Avoiding funeral rites requiring handling people that died of EVD 37 (9.1)
 Don’t know 86 (21.1)
Cure of EVD
 There is yet no drug that can treat EVD 128 (31.4)
 EVD can be cured with antibiotics 51 (28.5)
 Local herbs and concoctions can treat EVD successfully 40 (12.5)
 Traditional healers can treat EVD successfully 33 (9.8)
 Spiritually healers can cure EVD successfully 20 (8.1)
 Medical doctors have a definite drug that can cure EVD 19 (4.9)
 Don’t know 116 (28.5)
Overall knowledge of EVD
 Good knowledge 30 (7.4)
 Poor knowledge 377 (92.6)