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Table 3 Search Terms

From: Effectiveness of ICT-based intimate partner violence interventions: a systematic review

 1 (((women[Title]) AND violence[Title])) AND English[Language]
 2 ((domestic[Title]) AND violence[Title]) AND English[Language]
 3 (Intimate Partner Violence[Title]) OR IPV[Title] AND English[Language]
 4 ((information and communication technology[Title]) OR ICT[Title] OR technology[Title] OR email[Title] OR mobile[Title] OR phone[Title] OR digital[Title] OR ehealth[Title] OR web[Title] OR computer[Title] OR online[Title] OR computerized[Title]) AND English[Language]
  (1 OR 2 OR 3) AND 4
1 ti(women) AND ti(violence) AND la.exact(“English”)
2 ti(Domestic Violence) AND la.exact(“English”)
3 ti(Intimate Partner Violence) OR ti(IPV) AND la.exact(“English”)
4 (ti(information AND communication technology) OR ti(ict) OR ti(technology) OR ti(email) OR ti(mobile) OR ti(phone) OR ti(digital) OR ti(ehealth) OR ti(web) OR ti(computer) OR ti(online) OR ti(computerized) AND la.exact(“English”))
5 (1 OR 2 OR 3) AND 4
Web of Science
 1 (ti = (women) AND ti = (violence)) AND LANGUAGE:(English)
 2 (ti = (Domestic Violence)) AND LANGUAGE: (English)
 3 (TI = (Intimate partner Violence OR IPV)) AND LANGUAGE: (English)
 4 (TI = (information communication technology) OR TI = (ict) OR TI = (technology) OR TI = (email) OR TI = (mobile) OR TI = (phone) OR TI = (digital) OR TI = (ehealth) OR TI = (web) OR TI = (computer) OR TI = (online) OR TI = (computerized)) AND LANGUAGE: (English)
  (#1 OR #2 OR #3) AND #4