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Table 6 Illustrative quotes for Theme 5 – Positive personal approaches

From: I’ve got to be independent’: views of older people on recovery following road traffic injury in New South Wales, Australia

P7 (65–69, mild traumatic brain injury)
‘They said [in the Emergency Department] the problem is I am too stoic. So that can really be against you [laughs]. It really can. I often resent wearing [helmets] but I feel like framing that one [laughs]’.
P9 (65–69 years, chest injuries)
‘I know they [ribs] are there but I wouldn’t class it as pain … in the end you just do things that you know you can do. I can’t work as hard as I could, but I do what I have to do... I just discourage people giving me big hugs’.
P2 (80–85 years, upper & lower limb injuries)
‘At the time I thought things weren’t too bad. And it’s interesting to me that I totally underestimated how much this had affected me. On the other hand, having laid in hospital beds for a while and looked at other people, I’m not too bad’.
P9 (65–69 years, chest injuries)
‘I don’t employ anyone. There were lots of jobs I could do even straight away … at certain times, different times [my injuries] affect me a fair bit but basically, I’m back to full work’.
P9 (65–69 years, chest injuries)
So-called pain killers, I just went off them as quick as I could a long way short of what some people would because I just got the shits with [the] up and down feeling … [you don’t need] pain killers you just do things that doesn’t hurt … I’ve never been a great believer in pain killers.
P10 (65–69 years, multiple arm fractures)
‘For the first time I was just going to make sure I had my own place and yeah so pretty exciting. I got all new furniture and everything and I never lived there … I am back now and have family all around me now … so it worked well, I suppose’.
P10 (Female, 65–69 years, multiple arm fractures)
‘It is just sort of like watching and being aware. You are always aware … so it’s always on your mind but it won’t stop running my life. [We] have to live, don’t we? At least I didn’t have any other serious injuries. I just have lots of scars up my arm, that’s all’.
P10 (65–69 years, multiple arm fractures)
‘I mean I do a lot of walking, but you are always very cautious of not tripping. So, it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything that I want to do. Not anymore’.