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Table 3 Categories of HIV interventions among factory workers

From: Efficacy of HIV interventions among factory workers in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Intervention categories Definition Examples
Educational intervention Health workers organize and implement interventions through expert lectures, group discussions and publicity materials 1. Health workers provide Cartoons, posters, radio programs, lectures and drama about HIV/AIDS.
2. Health workers organize group discussions about condom use skills.
3. Health workers manage and provide free condoms and contraceptives in the workplace.
Peer education Peer educators intervene through peer communication 1. Peer educators provide free condoms in the workplace.
2. Peer educators organize plays, speeches and discussions about HIV.
Community intervention Intervention through active provision of HCT services and/or physical and mental health knowledge. 1. Individual risk assessment and blood test for HIV seroconversions.
2. Reasonable diet, exercise, and injury prevention, such as influenza or workplace injury prevention.
Lottery intervention Improvement of HCT uptake among factory workers through lottery drawing. The first step was to publicize the lottery intervention system. The second step was to distribute the process manual 2 weeks before the intervention. The third step was to award free T-shirts to workers participating in HCT in the workplace, and to be able to participate in lottery activities to win prizes and gift cards.
Policy intervention Encourage factory workers to acquire HIV/AIDS knowledge and reduce HIV discrimination by issuing certificates. A policy intervention encouraged workers to learn HIV/AIDS knowledge by issuing AIDS-response Standard Organization (ASO) certificates.