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Table 6 Multinomial Logit Estimation for “Not a Real Medical Illness” Stigma Response to Prescription Drug Abuse (“Don’t Know” Versus Base of “Neither Agree nor Disagree”)

From: Recognition and stigma of prescription drug abuse disorder: personal and community determinants

Respondent VariablesSig.Exp (B)
Own Prescription Drug Abuse0.1580.007
Friend/family Prescription Drug Abuse0.1348.047
ID: Prescription Drug Abuse0.0030.019
[Age base = 35–54]
 Age 18–340.0030.005
 Age 55+0.8510.797
[Respondent Income: base = $50–75)]
 $25 K or less0.5182.262
 $25-50 K0.2523.637
 $75-100 K0.0440.004
 $100 K+0.0740.023
[Respondent Education: base = HS or less]
 Some college0.4040.302
 College degree0.6130.512
 More than College0.0410.008
[Sufferer in Vignette: base = Michael]
Regional Level Variables
County Level VariablesSig.Exp(B)
 Association Rate0.2170.181
 Percent fair or poor health0.0881.830
 Percent access to exercise0.0871.093
 Percent uninsured0.2451.174
 Percent frequent physical distress0.0220.044
 Percent frequent mental distress0.0784.675
 Percent lack of sleep0.2411.207
 Percent physically inactive0.0041.979
[County Quartile Mental Health Providers Per Capita: base = lowest]
 2nd Quartile0.0230.023
 3rd Quartile0.4713.011
 4th Quartile0.0640.029
 Percent excessive drinking0.7110.906
 Percent alcohol driving deaths0.2160.933
 Violent crime rate0.5490.998
 Percent child poverty0.4091.136
 Legalized Marijuana State Law0.1987.776
Number of observations 127
Cox & Snell R-squared 0.484
Nagelkerke R-squared 0.700