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Table 1 Factors that demand, condition, and trigger ISA intervention against stunting in Bogotá

From: Factors influencing delivery of intersectoral actions to address infant stunting in Bogotá, Colombia – a mixed methods case study

 N = 42%a
Factors that demand ISA for prevention and management of stunting
 Family income.3276,2
 Health services.2764,3
 Educational level of caregivers.2354,8
 Vulnerable condition of mothers.1945,2
 Quality of food.3276,2
 Water and sanitation.1638,1
 No answer00,0
Factors that condition ISA for prevention and management of stunting
 Local governments comprehend the importance of summoning different sectors to solve the problem (Political will).2866,7
 Support from the current legislation (Legislative support).1842,9
 Local health institutions have the capacity to solve the problem (Engagement of the health sector)2457,1
 Sufficient local resources to pose?? the problem and commitment of each sector (Local health decentralization).2354,8
 People working in the locality are committed to teamwork within representatives of other sectors (Motivated human resources).2354,8
 The community as a sector is considered the most important for healthy growth of infants (Social participation).1945,2
 No answer00,0
Factors that trigger ISA for prevention and management of stunting
 Interventions that tackle the problem can promote collaborative and participatory interactions between sectors (Management approach).2764,3
 A leading sector to tackle the problem could be identified (Management skills).1842,9
 Interventions that tackle the problem guarantee dynamic sector interactions working with the community (Teamwork skills).2559,5
 Interventions that tackle the problem use technologies and other knowledge management skills (Management techniques).1740,5
 Interventions that tackle the problem guarantee that each of the participating sectors is concerned about contributing to health results (Recognition of health as a collaborative outcome).2969,0
 No answer00,0
  1. aTotal adds up to more than 100% due to multiple choice answers