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Table 1 Baseline characteristicsa of participants retained and not retained (n = 1294). NDIT Study 1999–2020

From: Type of e-liquid vaped, poly-nicotine use and nicotine dependence symptoms in young adult e-cigarette users: a descriptive study

 Retainedp-valueb for difference
(n = 775)
(n = 519)
Age, mean (sd)12.7 (0.5)12.9 (0.7)≤0.001
Male, %44.054.4≤0.001
Mother university-educated, %42.320.6≤0.001
French-speaking, %
Born in Canada, %93.889.60.006
Ever smoked, %27.938.2≤0.001
Used other tobacco products, %8.612.20.041
  1. aMeasured in cycle 1 (grade 7) in 1999
  2. bBased on t-tests and chi-square tests. Boldface indicates statistical significance (p < 0.05)
  3. cIncludes participants lost-to-follow-up (i.e., participants who dropped out of NDIT) and those who did not provide data in 2017–20 (i.e., participants who did not provide data in 2017–20, but did not drop out of NDIT)