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Table 3 Multivariable odds ratios for IM with 95% CIs (adjusted for age and sex) derived from East London GP database. P values represent empirical p values for each level of the predictor (3rd column) and likelihood ratio p values (4th column) represent the additional improvement in model fit on adding the predictor to a null model consisting of only age and sex

From: Epidemiology of Epstein-Barr virus infection and infectious mononucleosis in the United Kingdom

ExposureOR (95% CI)P valueLikelihood ratio P
Age0.99 (0.99–0.99)< 0.0001 
 Female1 (reference)  
 Male1.01 (0.95–1.06)0.85 
Ethnicity  < 0.0001
 White1 (reference)  
 Black0.21 (0.18–0.23)< 0.0001 
 South Asian0.14 (0.13–0.16)0.00012 
 Other0.22 (0.19–0.25)0.00013 
 IMD Decile (2015)1.15 (1.13–1.17)< 0.0001< 0.0001
Weight  < 0.0001
 Normal weight1 (reference)  
 Obese0.63 (0.57–0.7)< 0.0001 
 Overweight0.8 (0.75–0.86)< 0.0001 
 Underweight1.03 (0.95–1.11)0.465 
Smoking status  < 0.0001
 Never smoker1 (reference)  
 Ever smoker0.87 (0.83–0.92)< 0.0001