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Table 2 Associations of occupational exposures with suicide ideation in men. Results from weighted logistic regression analyses (each occupational factor studied separately)

From: Psychosocial work exposures and suicide ideation: a study of multiple exposures using the French national working conditions survey

Men (N = 7781) aUnadjustedAdjusted for covariates c
OR95% CI p-valueOR95% CI p-value
Psychosocial work factorsb
Demands at work
  High quantitative demands2.001.323.030.0011.741.102.760.018
  High cognitive demands0.900.611.330.5950.790.521.220.288
  High emotional demands1.591.062.380.0241.290.812.070.283
  High demands for hiding emotions2.511.663.79< 0.0011.590.972.580.064
Work organization and job content
  Low influence1.541.032.300.0361.430.942.170.091
  Low degree of freedom1.330.892.000.1681.050.691.590.827
  Low possibilities for development2.411.583.67< 0.0011.981.203.260.007
  Low meaning of work2.291.463.59< 0.0011.851.133.030.015
Interpersonal relations and leadership
  Low predictability0.880.571.340.5420.850.541.340.486
  Low role clarity1.621.082.420.0191.340.862.070.194
  High role conflict1.841.162.910.0091.430.902.260.133
  Low quality of leadership2.
  Low social support1.601.012.550.0451.300.792.120.301
  Low sense of community2.351.493.70< 0.0011.911.193.060.007
Work-individual interface
  Low job satisfaction2.181.403.400.0011.711.062.760.027
  Work-family conflict1.621.082.430.0211.440.902.310.130
  High job insecurity2.781.884.12< 0.0012.251.443.50< 0.001
  High changes at work1.891.222.930.0051.370.872.160.177
  Temporary employment1.790.903.560.0952.181.044.560.038
Workplace violence
  High internal violence2.481.573.92< 0.0011.691.082.650.022
  High external violence1.561.042.340.0331.200.741.940.458
Working time/hours factors
 Long working hours (> 48 h/week)0.740.441.240.2490.760.421.380.371
 Night work (> 50/year)1.000.531.890.9980.830.401.690.599
 Unsocial work days (> 40/year)0.880.541.430.5940.610.371.020.061
 Shift work1.190.642.240.5841.280.622.660.504
Physical work exposures
 High biomechanical exposure b0.960.641.420.8210.630.381.040.073
 Fumes and dust exposure0.970.651.450.8710.840.531.340.466
 Toxic and dangerous products exposure0.930.621.380.7070.810.551.220.317
 Noise exposure1.220.791.880.3811.080.691.690.731
  1. Odds-Ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI)
  2. aReported results are those from complete case analyses that included participants with no missing data for the variables of interest (suicide ideation, all occupational exposures, covariates). The observed associations were similar using all available data for each occupational exposure
  3. bMedian cut-off of the total sample was used to classify workers in low or high exposure groups
  4. cAdjusted for age, marital status, social support outside work, life events before the age of 18, life events within the last 3 years, occupation, and economic activity of the company