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Table 4 Factor loadings matrix identified by exploratory factor analysis when two factors were retained. Bold font indicates variables that are grouped in each factor

From: Defining adequate contact for transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in an African urban environment

VariableFactor1 (Setting)Factor2 (Relationship)
Nature of ventilation at usual place of meeting0.8247−0.10068
Frequency of sleeping in same room and bed since onset cough0.814130.07244
Contact happen indoors or outdoors0.8065−0.05468
Frequency of shared meals since onset cough0.767730.19686
Place of usual meeting. Home TB case versus Other location.0.71749−0.04231
Frequency and duration of contact over the past month0.628320.10417
Case trusts contact−0.202480.94816
Case shared TB diagnosis with contact−0.137050.92354
Care was provided by the contact in the past 3 months0.242850.72162
Length of knowing contact0.219730.55998
How well does the case knows contact0.383980.52836
Means of transportation used most often with contact. None (walking) versus a type of transportation.0.082590.50289
Contact have cough0.032270.15773