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Table 2 Key terms used for searching electronic databases

From: The influence of corruption and governance in the delivery of frontline health care services in the public sector: a scoping review of current and future prospects in low and middle-income countries of south and south-east Asia

Corruption (combined by ‘OR’) (a) Governance/accountability (combined by ‘OR’) (b) Health sector (combined by ‘OR’) (c) Geographic location (combined by ‘OR’) (d)
Corrupt Governance Hospital Bangladesh
Bribery Good governance Health care center Bhutan
Dishonesty Accountability Health facilities India
Anti-corrupt Community accountability Health service Indonesia
Tackle corrupt   Health worker Myanmar
Combat corrupt Anti-corrupt strategy   Frontline health care provider Nepal
Rent seeking behavior   Manager Sri Lanka
Informal payment   Administrator Philippines
Informal practice   Service provider Vietnam
Illegal practice    LMICs
Elicit practice    LICs
Speed up money    
  1. Note: a,b,c,d groups were combined with Boolean operator ‘AND’