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Table 4 Stepwise logistic regression analysis of bat contact experiences (Coefficient, odds ratios, confidence intervals and p-values of independent variables)

From: Risk factors for bat contact and consumption behaviors in Thailand; a quantitative study

VariablesCoefficientOdds ratio95% CIP-value
Sociodemographic information
 Sex (male)0.451.561.09–2.280.014*
 Occupation (agriculture-related occupation)−0.610.540.37–0.790.002*
 Educational attainment (< secondary school level)0.391.451.02–2.180.041*
Knowledge, attitudes, practices and perceptions
 Considered bat(s) to be economically beneficial to the community (agreed)–4.97< 0.001*
 Bat are safe to eat (true)−0.540.580.37–0.930.023*
 Children are allowed to play with bats (true)−0.430.650.44–0.960.031*
 Felt safe in areas where bats live (true)−0.580.560.38–0.860.007*
  1. *Statistically significant at p < 0.05